Check out The Art Mint’s collaboration with Abigail Ahern! Heralded as ‘style spotter extraordinaire’ and ‘the woman rocking the world of interiors’ by The Times newspaper, Abigail is a leading tastemaker, designer, and author. We are super excited to be featured on her site, with a selection of artwork for kitchens curated by The Art Mint. :) 

The Art Mint has teamed up Maria Elvira Dieppa, the curator of the 100 NYC Artists exhibition and POP UP ART SHOP in Barranquilla, Colombia to bring you 6%, a selection of new work to The Art Mint.  The second installation in a series of planned collaborations from within the 100 NYC Artists community, a small group of artists were chosen to participate by The Art Mint’s curator, and one of the 100 NYC Artists, Kelly Worman. These selected works will available for purchase (with an affordable price tag) for one month only!  

Participating Artists: Florencia Escudero, Alyse Ronayne, Enrico Gomez, Don Porcella, Rob Campbell, and Daniella Garcia.

Artists have been resisting the traditional boundaries of medium more and more.  All of the artists in 6% rethink medium, and utilize unconventional materials in an empirical way.  Deeply individualized, each artist approaches the realization of an idea with a heavy focus on media, without allowing it to dictate limitations in their work.  Florencia Escudero uses anything but conventional materials in her work, which is both humorous and moving simultaneously.  Alyse Ronayne uses abstraction to evolve new forms, and understanding this through the physicality of materials, her practice yields drawings and objects.  Enrico Gomez creates acrylic, ink and watercolor works on stretched paper and panel based on abstracted letter-form and calligraphic line.  Using materials such as handmade wax and woven pipe cleaners, Don Porcella seeks to transform these low-brow materials and elevate them to a high art context, while simultaneously laughing at the human condition and presenting a unique world that is shamelessly awkward and unabashedly comical.  Rob Campbell implements non-traditional means to create a worn or distressed aesthetic within his paintings, primarily skateboarding on the surfaces, gestural marks embedding action as physical history for the viewer to encounter.  Daniella Garcia exercises the possibilities of collage, integrating more traditional materials such as watercolor, resulting in a contemporary and painterly feel.  

POP UP ART SHOP is a new movable art space in Barranquilla and New York City,  created with the objective to bring closer emerging artists from the local and international scene, Merging the idea of a gallery with an art shop, and in this way decentralizing and creating a platform in movement for the promotion of artistic production. 

The ART MINT is a small, artist and curator run online gallery selling affordable, original art from up and coming artists in New York City and beyond.  We believe that everyone deserves original artwork. One of a kind, all the time...  You are special and unique, you deserve artwork that is too.