What is the Art Mint?

We believe you deserve original artwork.

The Art Mint is an artist and curator run online gallery where you can purchase one of a kind original works of art, straight out of the studio.  Art Mint is carefully curated, because we want you to have only the best! 
New to collecting art? Don’t be nervous.  We are here to help you select something that will make you happy for years to come. 
All works sold on Art Mint are one of a kind, at an affordable price, from up and coming artists.  Buying from Art Mint will not only improve your space, but can be looked at as an investment! 

One of a kind, all the time...
You are special and unique, you deserve artwork that is too.

How does The Art Mint differ from other online art sites?

The Art Mint is a curated online gallery.  This means that every piece on the Art Mint was hand selected by our in house curators.  We select a small number of artists, visit the artists’ studios, see the work in person, have a conversation about the work, and then decide if they are a good fit for the Art Mint’s customers.  

Most online art sites have an “open entry” submission policy, which means almost anyone can be on the site.  Much of the artwork for purchase online are also prints or reproductions, so while they may be slightly less expensive, so will their resale value.  This is not bad, its just different.  We take the time to seek out special pieces, by up and coming talented artists, and deliver them to you at affordable prices.

“If you are not working in the arts, buying original art for the first time can be intimidating.  You may think, “What if I can’t afford the work? What if I don’t understand what the artist is talking about?.”  I started The Art Mint with the aim to make the art buying experience approachable, accessible, and inviting to emerging collectors.  Featured on the site is the work of emerging artists whose work I admire.  The Art Mint aims to connect these artists with a new audience, create an experience where this audience can browse artwork, learn about the work within multiple depths, have the option to purchase the work, and have it arrive safely to your doorstep, all for a price within everyone's reach.” -Kelly Worman, Curator and Painter, Founder of The Art Mint